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Trolley-Train Hybrid Tackles City Streets, Then Speeds to Suburbs

Of interest notably when asking the question of the role of avoiding modal change in the choice of the car as a transporation means.

“The city of Sheffield, U.K. is installing the country’s first tram-train, a public transit hybrid that can serve both the suburbs and a city’s urban core thanks to a special wheel design that can handle both the tight turns and higher speeds.

When it’s complete in 2016, tram-trains will run eight miles along the national rail tracks from Rotherham Parkgate to Sheffield, just like a traditional commuter rail line. But instead of stopping at a station at the edge of the city and forcing riders to switch to local transit, when the train gets to Sheffield’s center it will seamlessly transition onto the existing rails of the Sheffield SuperTram…”

Trolley-Train Hybrid Tackles City Streets, Then Speeds to Suburbs | Autopia |

A post-car world with the PodCar

Thinking a postcarworld from the perspective of specific objects could be a modus operandi of an integrative approach in our research: a general model for reflection and research restitution, integrating expectations, supply and urbanity aspects. The following blog entry is a first sketchout of this approach.


Ourednik, A. (2014, january 30). A post-car world with the PodCar. Maps and Spaces.