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World motorization and its evolution


Data was obtained from the World Bank. Missing data interpolated for the evolution maps (Hermite spline method).

The most striking is the regression of cars per capita in the USA, Japan, and parts of Europe in the 2007-2011 yearspan (2007 was chosen because data is available for most countries fir this year; 2011 is the last year provided by the World Bank).

Evolution over 10 years however (2001-2011), suggest a renewed progression of the motorization level after the 2008 financial crisis.

Other inforgraphics (


Who wants to promote public transport?


In these results of the “Microrecensement mobilités et tranports 2010”, over 50% of individuals seem against the development of public transport. 30% are for it, unconditionaly. A minority of 10% is for its development  under certain conditions. There seems thus, to be an ideological cleavage of the for/against public transport, with a majority in disfavour of its developement. The results are strickingly independent of the residential location of individuals.

Some contradiction in opinion also show up in the statistics: most people (70%) are against more expensive public transportation in rush hours, but the same majority (60%) is favourable to cheaper  public tansportation during non-rush hours. Mathematically speaking, this amounts to the same of course. Much seems to lie in the choice of the formulation…

More data on the opinions of the population with respect to transportation policies are available here: